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I never thought the day would come, but apparently I've been lingering around long enough to have accumulated a few fics!

You mean you wanna read?Collapse )


Hello! I decided to give up a little information about me so I don't look so creepily stalkerish when people happen upon my journal and find it empty- I am real! lol

hello Pictures, Images and Photos

Well to begin, ‘92er from Canada. I am studying political science, and because of that am a bit cynical about how I look at the world, and the general populace of humanity.  I have a very nasty habit of talking toO much, as you will can probably see from the length of this bio which few will actually read thoroughly lol.

I discovered fanfiction at 14 and the world of slash/yaoi not long after. Hence the reason for my awful username – I made it over 6 years ago guys, please forgive me! (>_<) I was a big anime junkie in my teens, but I have since mellowed out considerably. Some of my favorites include: Bleach, One Piece and Full Metal Alchemist (both original and Brotherhood).

 And like I mentioned I.LOVE.BOY.LOVE. I absolutely love it!

Now if you happen upon this journal it is probably something related to kpop! I am a huge DBSK fan. I fell in love March 2011 when I stumbled upon DBSK's Wrong Number Dance ver. and have since learned as much as a possibly can about them -- heck I'm still learning!

I am a TV5XQ fan. I found the group a year and half after their break up and I don't know if I should be thankful for escaping the gut wrenching heartache fans must have felt over it, or sad at the thought I missed the best years of them together. I *hate* when people throw their opinion as if it were fact, especially when it comes to JYJ vs. HoMin wars. It is ludicrous. I value each and every member, and yes I have biases but I would never demean the others to try and prove his superiority. I expected better from the largest fanclub in the world, but I guess that is also a problem - so many members but only few, true Cassies.

My bias is one Shim Changmin. I love him to death - he is my ideal everything but at the same time I know I would pass out from shock if I ever saw him in real life! (^A^) He isn't my ideal type of guy, but there is something about him that makes me want to be his best friend and his support.  I think he is the most gorgeous kpop flower buy, even when he is supporting a fugly mustache and a beer belly. He has admitted his love for the fridge, begged to be able to dace with female dancers, teases his elders and snarks like it is his personal job. He is so human, and I love it.

I ship HoMin hard >:D Not because of any factional bias - I just love those two together. Yunho is the dorkiest, cutest, sexiest, manliest, responsible, kind hearted guys I know (about). And Changmin? Words cannot describe my love for Changmin. I just love the idea of these two together in *that* way –giggles-. I love unconventional pairings – YunJae and YooSu get boring fast. Bring me some SuHo and let’s get cracking! xD

HoMin is so popular now, even editorials are jumping on this ship.

Changmin is my uke! >:D

(ft. Jaejoong, the beautiful whore)

Other groups Kpop groups I like:

- Super Junior - bias: Eunhyuk, OTP: EunHae, bias ruiner: Leeteuk
- SHINee - bias: Onew, OTP: JongKey, bias ruiner: Minho
- EXO - bias: Chen, OTP: SuChen, bias ruiner: Lay + Suho
- f(x) - bias: Amber, OTP: ?/Amber!, bias ruiner: Luna
- BTS - bias: V (Taehyung), OTP: NamJin, bias ruiner: JHope + Namjoon

Well if you made it down to the bottom, congratulations! I hope that some of that information was interesting enough that you don’t feel like you wasted your time (even if you got distracted by all the GIFS lol). If you wish to friend me (unlikely since I am not a writer), please PM or drop me a comment. Trust me when I say when I have friends, I want them to be *friends*.



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